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Prelinger Archives
by Affiliated Film Producers
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Husband and wife struggle to attain a balance of power in their marriage. This neorealist social guidance film was directed by Alexander Hammid.
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Topics: Marriage, Social guidance: Marriage, Gender roles
Prelinger Archives
by Affiliated Film Producers
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Marriage training film dramatizing a partnership too fraught with conflicts to survive. Produced as part of a post-World War II initiative to make marriages more sustainable in the face of postwar dislocation. An unusually literate, neo-realist film produced by a talented group of documentarians. A series of films based on the textbook "Marriage for Moderns," by Henry A. Bowman. Director: Willard Van Dyke. Writer: H. Partnow (pseudonym for blacklisted screenwriter Millard Lampell)....
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Topics: Marriage, Social guidance, Gender roles